Personalized Handwriting Jewelry

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Our handwriting jewelry collection consists of keepsakes created from cards, handwriting, love notes from letters and children's drawings. Each keepsake is an exact replica of the original note or drawing. Handwriting or drawings can be incorporated into an individual jewelry keepsake by itself, or become part of one of our custom fine fingerprint jewelry creations.

Our jewelry is not stamped. Our keepsakes are created using a process where the writing is deeply embedded into the metal creating a lasting keepsake for generations to come. A photocopy or high resolution scan of the handwriting, signature, love note or drawing can be used to create your personalized keepsake.

We do not need the original of the handwriting, signature or drawing. We only need a black and white photocopy of your note or drawing. Create that special one-of-a-kind unique jewelry pendant or charm with your child's handwritten name or drawing. Many of our handwriting designs have come from old military records, cards and love letters. Cherish the special memories of the loved one that have touched your life with the memory on a solid cast heirloom keepsake. Give the most unique gift of custom created jewelry with a special love note to your husband, wife or child. Create a memorable keepsake for grandparents with the drawings of their grandchildren. Create a unique custom pendant for the mother with her child's handwritten name and fingerprint to wear next to her heart.

Create a beautiful fingerprint charm with your loved one's signature. Create a dog tag for him with the Love Notes and drawings from the family. Add a Love Note Signature to the back of her fingerprint locket creating a unique reminder of your love. All of our fingerprint jewelry designs are custom crafted. Contact us to create your fine fingerprint jewelry design today!