Imprint On My Heart Christmas Holiday Season

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Christmas means to many different things to each one of us. There is the shopping and getting those treasuries and gifts wrapped and under the tree or on their way home where loved ones with discover the joy and the love placed in that package. Christmas is a special time of year. Time for families to get together and share the joys of memories and future dreams. Parties and planning menus can place pressure on one's attention to detail and the most important matters can be pushed aside.

The most important part of Christmas is love. The delight that sparkles in the eyes of someone as the gift is revealed. Moments to be kept and captured in a special place. As you touch those packages, the gifts, the special meals, the decorations and all that encompasses the holiday season, you can capture the unique touch of a loved one with a fingerprint piece that will endure long after the Christmas wrapping paper, the holiday boxes, and the fine china and crystal has been put away. A remembrance that is timeless. A gift that will span the seasons, holidays and the years.

Our custom made fingerprint jewelry make gifts that will be remembered for generations. The touch of the child's fingerprint and their handwriting or drawing can be a special gift for a mother or grandmother. The fingerprint dog tag for a dad is a wonderful daily reminder of family. The cuff links are a unique Christmas gift that can be worn on special occasions or with the daily work suit. The fingerprint earrings are a great Christmas gift for a mother of the ones in her life. Our custom made fingerprint jewelry make unique Christmas gifts that have a loving reminder of those special people in your life. Sharing memories in a quality piece of jewelry that becomes a truly cherished gift that can be passed down for generations.

Each fingerprint or thumbprint jewelry keepsake ordered is commissioned and custom crafted, cast and finished by hand. Any surface variations is to be expected and adds to the natural beauty and individuality of these hand crafted unique fingerprint jewelry. We believe in providing a beautifully crafted quality keepsakes. We guarantee our workmanship, product quality and customer satisfaction.