Imprint On My Heart Fine Fingerprint Jewelry

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Fingerprints, Footprints & Hand Prints

Please send your high resolution scan of the prints or handwriting here. PDF or 1200x1200dpi JPG works best. HIGHTAIL You can also send your prints by mail to: Imprint On My Heart, Richards & West, 501 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445.


Types Of Fingerprints

Central Pocket Loop
Double Loop
Plain Arch
Plain Whorl
Tented Arch
Accidental Fingerprint
Central Pocket Loop Fingerprint
Double Loop Fingerprint
Loop Fingerprint
Pain Arch Fingerprint
Plain Whorl Fingerprint
Tented Arch Fignerprint


Information on Fingerprinting History from Safety Identification Products and Aladdin Passport Photos.


How can I capture a fingerprint when there is no time for a kit to be delivered?  We have added several instructional videos on how to capture fingerprints without purchasing a kit.

YouTube video on how to capture a fingerprint using our mold impression kit

YouTube video on how to capture a fingerprint using Crayola Model Magic or Crayola Modeling Clay or similar

YouTube video on how to capture a fingerprint using our ink kit

YouTube video on how to capture a fingerprint using eye shadow

YouTube video on how to capture a fingerprint using a #2 lead pencil and Scotch tape

YouTube video on how to capture a fingerprint using a crafter's ink pad or stamp pad


What is a fingerprint kit?  A fingerprint kit is a fingerprint ID card that is used to capture a fingerprint or thumbprint, baby's hand or footprint. These are provided to you via mail from our Shop page.  Fingerprints are captured on white cardstock paper with black ink.  Take care to not smudge the fingerprints when handling the paper. If you are needing a fingerprint in a rush situation, you can use just about any stamp pad, i.e. crafter's ink, ink pad, or other pad with colored ink on paper. The paper can be white or beige. Do not worry about what you see as far as the quality of the fingerprint. We have software that will lift up the ridges to get a clear fingerprint.

How big of a fingerprint or thumbprint can we imprint?  Fingerprints can be taken from children 9 months and older with a visible fingerprint through adults.  There is no age limit.  If you desire a print from a baby less than 9 months of age, we suggest you take a toe print impression or use an inked handprint or footprint.  We suggest you take fingerprints of all fingers. There may be one that is more unique for your jewelry keepsake. A famliy may choose to use a pinkie if there is a family pinkie promise. A husband or wife may choose to use the ring finger. The decision is up to you.

Can I have a fingerprint or thumbprint piece done of my dying child or grandparent?  Yes.  Please contact us for more information.  We will work with your fingerprint ID card or ink print or provide one for you.  FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx 2-Day service is available.  Please visit our Lost Loved Ones information page.  We can work directly with your funeral home or mortuary. We also have many other ways to capture a fingerprint. Please visit our YouTube channel for more ideas. Using a #2 lead pencil or eye shadow with Scotch tape will work. You can even ask the funeral home or mortuary to take a print with the mortuary makeup on the finger. This works great with white paper.

I do not have a fingerprint of my deceased mother, but have her handwriting, can I get that message on a piece?  Yes, we would need a clean photocopy or high resolution scan of the message and can create a unique piece with the handwriting.  Please contact us for more information and to place an order.  We also offer the special handwriting or love note on the back of any piece. We can use handwriting, drawings, and photos to create the keepsake of your loved one.