Imprint On My Heart

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About Imprint On My Heart's Fine Fingerprint Jewelry Design Process

Our unique and custom jewelry creations are designed with quality and attention to every detail for our customers. Each piece is unique, from the fingerprint, handwriting, birthdate or date of death. Our pieces are created using an inked print. The fingerprint or thumbprint goes through a process to bring out the impression of the lines. We create our designs with the print as an impression, so it looks and feels like the finger was pressed into the metal. The baby footprints also have depth, as though the big toe and heel are deeper than the rest. Our keepsake are thick. So if you are looking for a thin piece of jewelry, this won't be it. For the fingerprint impression to be deep and the engraving to be deep, the overall dimension of the jewelry is thick. The engraving, handwriting, fingerprint or baby footprint will never, ever rub off.

Our keepsakes are worn by mothers who love having that personalized mommy jewelry. Hearts are worn by brides on their wedding day with a handwritten love note from the parents. We also create memorials for those who have lost their loved ones and want to wear the ashes. Our jewelry is about the emotions, the personal nature and the love of family.

Imprint On My Heart Fingerprint Charm with Thumbprint as Moon and Gold Owl and Branch Imprint On My Heart 14k Yellow Gold Key Charm with Fingerprint Impression and Diamond Bezel White Gold Snowflake with Thumbprint and Diamonds 14k Rose Gold Baby Footprints Locket Mommy Jewelry Imprint On My Heart Sterling Silver Large Circle Fingerprint Pendant with Color BezelMartial Arts Karate Belt Fingerprint Oval

As we create your jewelry keepsake, we provide a rendering for you to view it and make any changes before we start production. We want to be sure you love how your jewelry looks. Our quality is unmatched. Our customer service is unmatched. Many of our designs are luxury pieces with the highest quality diamonds and gemstones. These are heirlooms that will be passed down to future generations.

Our jewelry is custom made, so it can take a little longer than expected. We are here to help you create the keepsake that you will wear every single day.