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Loss of Baby

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October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

No one can understand the emotions when the promise of a new life is cut short.  The dreams and plans that were made in those early months as you awaited this special event are now put away.  That life may have been very brief, but it belonged to an individual who was loved and will be remembered.

That tiny hand was crafted to hold yours.  Those tiny feet were to run and play some day.  Although that will not be, you can cherish that memory with a unique keepsake that will preserve those prints in sterling or gold.  The design in yours to make for the memories of your baby.

Resources for helping with the loss of your baby or infant:

Creating memorial jewelry can be a loving gift to the mother for the loss of her baby.  Our fine keepsake jewelry includes many different designs including heart lockets, cremation ash jewelry, thumbprint jewelry, baby footprint jewelry, hand print jewelry and more.  Each design is custom made for the family.  Our footprint jewellery is a loving reminder of the life and love of the baby.  Create a custom designed baby footprint locket or baby footprint cremation ash pendant.  Our fine memorial jewelry made from fingerprints, handprints, and baby footprints make quality baby jewelry and lost jewellery that will last for generations.  Create a fingerprint gift of a heart locket with the baby  hand prints and baby footprints on one side and the birth information on the other.  Our fine memorial jewelry is made of the highest quality sterling, 14k and 18k gold.  Our gold offerings include 14k and 18k yellow, white, rose and green gold.  Platinum is available upon request. 

The fingerprint or thumbprint jewelry keepsake ordered is commissioned and custom crafted, cast and finished by hand.  Any surface variations is to be expected and adds to the natural beauty and individuality of these hand crafted unique fingerprint jewelry.  We believe in providing a beautifully crafted quality keepsakes.  We guarantee our workmanship, product quality and custom satisfaction.

Please send your high resolution scan of the prints or handwriting here. PDF or 1200x1200dpi JPG works best. HIGHTAIL You can also send your prints by mail to: Imprint On My Heart, Richards & West, 501 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445.