Precious Vessel


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Instructions for Filling Your Precious Vessel

and Installing the KeepLocTM Plug

WARNING: Once the KeepLocTM Plug is installed IT CAN NOT BE REMOVED!

Please follow the instructions carefully. Call 1-888-515-8324 with any questions you may have.

KeepLocFilling Kit Scoop, oval foam, white foam and wooden dowel



Open KeepLocTM Kit and Precious Vessel. Place on a clean flat surface. Place
your Precious Vessel, hole side up, on the enclosed square white foam. This is to protect the face of your Precious Vessel.



Remove the backing from the oval foam, with the sticky
side down. Center the opening over the filling hole and press on to the Vessel. This will help you funnel your ash or keepsake into
the hole.



Fill the scoop ½ full with your ash or keepsake. Pour into the hole. Do not fill the Vessel to the top! You must have room for the plug.



Hold the Vessel by the bail (where the chain goes through) and tap the side gently to settle the ash or keepsake. When you are done filling, remove the oval foam from around the hole. Make sure that any excess ash or keepsake is cleaned from the edge around the hole. It must be clean for a tight seal.



Place the wooden dowel with the
firmly straight down. You should feel
it lock into place.

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